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It is good to be grateful for the physical blessings God has showered upon us. Gerald Weston will be in Kansas City for Thanksgiving weekend. Mark Sandor attended the TWP and informed me that we have five individuals attending in Charleston as a result of the TWP held there in August.

But let us in God’s Church be even thankful for the awesome honor of being entrusted with proclaiming the Good News of Christ’s coming Kingdom. Lascelles Fraser conducted a successful Presentation in Jamaica last weekend, with 23 guests attending. Please be praying for all of our brethren and ministers around the globe, for God’s protection and guidance in these uncertain times. I also wrote a member letter that you should receive soon, giving an update on new educational initiatives for the Church, as we are moving very quickly regarding this.

We also plan to have a one-year on-site resident work/study program here in Charlotte for high school graduates. Jonathan Mc Nair will be transferring to Charlotte to coordinate our efforts with individuals who have specific expertise in educational programs, such as Dr. Most of our websites are seeing very encouraging increases over last year.

Richard Ames is to be in Douglasville, Georgia and I’m to be in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Special additional attention will be given to ministers and future ministers as well as what we would like to term “Next Generation.” Our current plans are to make online courses available to all members free of charge beginning in August. I recorded a new telecast this week titled “What Is the Greatest Love? Wallace Smith’s new program where he addressed the subject of the popular “Rapture” doctrine.Gary Ullerick (age 85), a longtime elder in Washington state, and Alvina Dellinger (age 79), wife of George Dellinger, an elder in Indianapolis. Dellinger and their families during this difficult time. Panama City, Florida, was threatened by Hurricane Nate, but it moved westward and did not disrupt the Feast other than to shut down swimming in the Gulf for a couple days as the “waves roared.” In our Executive Luncheon this week, Mr.Their races are finished after many years of faithful service. Several leading men are traveling to Charlotte from across the country and around the world for the Council of Elders, which meets this coming week for three days. Mario Hernandez gave us a very inspiring report on the Feast conducted by non-U. affiliates in Cuba, where there were 60 locals and ten visitors for a total of about 70 at the first Feast held on that island nation.It appeared that it would be shut down the day of the Opening Night, but God intervened in a powerful way and the Church was shown great favor by the end of the Feast. Raul Colon, our minister in Puerto Rico, and although the island was devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, all our members are okay and no one has sustained any serious loss. Colon to provide disaster relief assistance to members who have need for it. This is remarkable, considering that 90 percent of these islands were destroyed.We are also encouraged to learn that all our members are safe with homes intact in the U. Life is not going to be easy for those affected by these powerful storms, but our members are doing well under the circumstances and the Church is monitoring the situation.

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