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All other places would be public or semi-public, with life itself recorded in increasing detail. If you work for an employer, their place of business belongs to them, not to you.

They are free to record anything that you do there.

When that happens, then all companies may someday be required to record all activity that occurs.

Imagine a world where the only walled garden is your own home, if you own your own home.


I imagine this flow of time would resemble Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge’s theory of punctuated equilibrium.Thankfully, this semester has really opened my eyes to literature.This week I read works from 16th century England including sonnets by the Italian Petrarch translated to English by Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey; Edmund Spenser’s Sonnets 1 and 68 from , but I will probably have to finish it after the latter is due for class.One quote from Fred von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation stands out in particular: “A court would never think to force a company to record telephone calls, transcribe employee conversations, or log other ephemeral information.There is no reason why the rules should be different simply because a company uses digital technologies.” A court may not think so because it would be unduly burdensome on the company to make such records.

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