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I plan to continue posting most of my older works, but am starting off with something new.

Updates for this one will not be as frequent, as it is a work in progress. Edit (04/17/2011): Sorry for the much too long delay in continuing this story. Chapter 1The detective stared across the desk at her, considerately remaining quiet.

Your reactions to the “Bad Boys & Addictions” article was swift and enthusiastic.

Turns out that almost every woman has had some kind of experience with bad boys, not all of them healthy. ” Here’s one from Theresa: This post really hit me.

In the beginning I was still hung up on Bad Boy, but distraction and detox (no contact with Bad Boy) really worked. Some of you were kind enough to answer my 60-second survey question: What is the single biggest challenge you’re dealing with in dating and relationships these days?

When Bad Boy reached out to me 16 months later, the addiction was genuinely dead, and I could authentically say f*** off. A’s excellent advice, detox from your Bad Boy, and if you can, find something or someone that can pull you forward into the present or the future — rather than some wistful past that you’ve idealized. If you wanted to answer but didn’t get around to it, you can do it now here.

Most gratifying were the responses from some of you saying, “Omigod, this is happening to me right now! I’m in a similar situation; however, I believe he’s the first man I’ve ever truly loved.

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These kinds of cases usually fell into three categories.1. They would insist that some mistake had been made.2. The client would swear bodily harm upon the guilty parties.3. Dignified had been the word that popped into his mind when hed first met Andrea Walston.From the shoulders, it tapered down pleasingly to her trim waist, then back out over full hips.Her bust curved the jackets lapels in a strangely sensual way. Under the jacket she wore a white silk blouse, that revealed just the appropriate amount of cleavage.The skirt was cut just above the knee, allowing a hint of the strong, toned legs she strode upon.The jacket needed no shoulder boarding, there was no slump nor slouch to her carriage.

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