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Any time you need to be sure that information is correct (such as a fact about the game, or being sure of someone else's opinion), it is better to use the wiki than IRC.

Most programs will allow you to set (or change) your nickname at any time by typing in the console area:'ll be in the channel! It uses a self-generated SSL certificate, so if you want to use SSL for your connection then you have to enable support for invalid certificates.There are hundreds of available commands, but only a handful are commonly needed: One more thing: Don't forget to remove the brackets (the "[" and "]") when you're typing in the commands.They're just used in the list above so you know not to type in what's between them verbatim.These guidelines are subject to community consensus, just the same as any other policy on UESP.If any member of the community believes that modifications to the guidelines (other than typos and grammar) are needed, the changes should be proposed on the IRC talk page.

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