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A set can be mapped to an IEnumerable the others can be mapped to an Ilist.

This will make databinding a snap as the default display of an object is To String().

Set the ADO batch size to a reasonable number (say, 10-50): has no persistence context associated with it and does not provide many of the higher-level life cycle semantics.When loading the form a list of publications and a list of subjects are read from the repositories and bound directly to the controls.The listbox will display the I can’t make that easier, that’s just winforms. We have been working with a clear model which an end user also understands.The diagram above is intentionally left incomplete without the datatype and other contraints so that we can focus on the relationship.In order to represent such relationship in C# Fluent NHibernate code, we first have to create the entities classes, These are just plain old C# class with no relationship yet, that comes later.

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